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Adjustable beds are an amazing invention that allows you to recline your bed at different angles to get the most comfortable position. This flexibility is especially important if you like watching TV from the bed or are a bed lounger for reading and other activities. Apart from the leisure aspect, an adjustable bed is extremely important for people that are recuperating from an injury or are bedridden due to certain physical complications.

There are plenty of add-on features that come in the adjustable bed depending on the model and brand you choose. You can opt for an adjustable frame with a massage feature, timed adjustments, alarms, and even USB ports. These frames were only used in hospitals once but have become a highly trendy bedroom fixture over time. This is because of the supreme comfort level and the ease of flexibility that they accord to the sleeper which is unmatched by the regular beds.

With all the different reclining options you get with a separate upper body and lower body recline it is no wonder that more and more people are opting for the adjustable beds over the normal traditional bed versions. The rise in popularity has also led to a rise in the model options that you can choose from in the market. This review will focus on the Malouf adjustable beds in the market and give you a summary of why you need adjustable beds rather than the traditional beds which are the usual norm.


A lot of people have some confusion regarding an adjustable bed. Contrary to popular belief an adjustable bed is not something that folds upon itself or changes shape. It is simply a bed frame that is generally segregated into two or three parts, the upper torso, the middle part, and lastly the lower torso. The upper and lower torso segments are engineered to recline at different angles. Depending on the model you choose you can have a full any angle recline or the bed might have a two or three-angle recline setting. A lot of these models even sport a “zero gravity” feature. In this, the sleeper can adjust the lower segment to be higher than the upper segment thereby keeping the legs on a higher incline than your head. This is extremely useful for people with chronic back problems.

Top Reasons to Buy an Adjustable Bed

Swelling in Feet

Foot swelling is a very common problem especially as the years start to catch up with you. Other medical and health conditions can also aggravate the issue. Swelling is also associated with Edema which is worrisome. To reduce swelling, it is advised that you keep your feet at a level that is above your heart. Often you are left with sticking a pillow under your feet which can be very tedious. With an adjustable bed frame, you can easily elevate the lower segment of the bed to get the desired elevation easily.

Body Support

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while bed shopping is the support it affords your body while sleeping. A good bed frame will not only help keep you comfortable and sturdy but will also support the natural curve of your spine. A normal bed frame cannot do this since it cannot be adapted to the spinal curvature but an adjustable frame can easily be manipulated to afford the best spinal and body support needed by every sleeper.

Unobstructed Airways

A lot of people wake up feeling dizzy because of lack of air or with a feeling of choking up. This happens because the sleep position you choose sometimes obstructs the airways leading to reduced oxygen intake. This can be catastrophic, especially for an asthmatic patient or someone suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition wherein the person stops breathing at night for a few seconds and is caused due to an air passage obstruction, muscular changes, or nerve problems. An adjustable bed frame will help keep your head elevated at all times so that your airway passage is clear throughout the night. This elevation also helps prevent nasal drips which might irritate the lungs leading to asthmatic complications.

Cough, Cold, and Allergies

Another excellent reason for owning an adjustable bed frame is the relief it affords from your allergies. The bed can be adjusted to keep your head elevated above your feet. This reduces the chances of sneezing and coughing. It also helps in preventing mucus formation in the chest that further eases the symptoms of cough and allergies.

Better Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is extremely vital for optimal body functioning. An adjustable bed frame gives you the best positioning for improved blood circulation through the body. This not only helps in your cognitive function but also helps your heart to remain healthy. The blood circulation in the body tends to slow down while you lay on a surface. This can put immense pressure on the heart and also shoot up your blood pressure. By keeping your head elevated at all times you can ensure that the circulation of the oxygen-rich blood is maintained thereby reducing the chances of any heat impairment.

Improved Digestion

Not only does an adjustable bed frame take care of your heart and lungs but it also takes care of your gut. Sleeping right after eating is known to cause a range of issues from heartburn to acidity and bloating. This can result in a restless night. Also, having very spicy food or drinks close to bedtime is associated with digestive disorders. This is because lying flat after eating disturbs your metabolic rate and impedes digestion by bringing up the digestive acid in the gut to the upper torso. This can be avoided by elevating your upper body to avoid reflux and acidic indigestion.

Superior Comfort

All things said and done the main function of any bed is to provide you with the optimal comfort possible. The Adjustable bed frames are far superior to the traditional bed frames in this regard. You might not get the body contouring of a good mattress but you will be able to manipulate the layout and structure of the bed frame to give you the best possible position for lounging, sitting, or sleeping. You can adjust the bed in 180-degrees with different settings for the upper and lower body to get the best possible comfort level.

Add-on Features

There are plenty of adjustable bed frame models in the market that not only give you the basic position adjustments but also go beyond with some extra add-on features to make your time on the bed extra special. You can get a model with a massage feature to get a nice muscle relaxation all in the comfort of your home. You can also opt for a timer supportive model that allows you to preset the angles of your choice so you do not have to continuously change it manually. Then the smart functionality features allow you to control the frame settings with your smartphone remotely. All in all, an adjustable bed frame is a lot more than just a simple bed frame in this regard.

Improved Productivity

Your productivity levels are directly related to the sleep quality you get. If you do not clock in the required number of sleep hours your body demands then you will not be able to function properly throughout the day. Your functionality levels both physical and mental will be impaired resulting in poor judgment choices. Investing in an adjustable bed frame will help you towards getting the most out of your sleep by giving you the best possible sleep surface.

Who Should Consider an Adjustable Bed?

Apart from the mainstream users that might be looking at an adjustable bed for better leisure and comfort, certain sleepers will benefit immensely by having an adjustable bed. Some of the people that will get quick relief with an adjustable bed are:

  • Sleepers with a chronic back problem especially a lower back problem. These individuals can adjust the frame so that their legs are slightly more inclined than their heads. This will reduce the blood supply to the legs are elevate the pressure on the lower back giving you relief from the pain.

  • Snorers will also benefit greatly from an adjustable bed. You can elevate your head to have a smooth airflow that will reduce the propensity to snore.

  • People suffering from sleep apnea and other airways obstructive ailments like asthma must have an adjustable bed frame to keep their air passage free from any obstruction.

  • If you suffer from high blood pressure problems then an adjustable bed frame is just the ticket for you. You can increase your blood circulation by lifting the bottom of the bed. This will help in reducing your blood pressure and keeping it even.

  • If you are suffering from chronic sleep issues then an adjustable frame will help you get into the most comfortable position you can find. No more tossing and turning to settle into a position with this frame.

  • Pregnant women will benefit greatly from an adjustable bed frame. It can be very difficult to get into a comfortable position when you are pregnant, especially towards to end of the pregnancy. An adjustable bed frame will help you get into the best possible position as per your individual needs removing the need for all the maternity pillows that crowd up the bed.


Malouf M455 Adjustable Base



 – Highly durable with a weight limit of 850 lbs.

 – Two programmable options for position control and one-touch return to flat position functionality

 – Height can be customized with different leg segments

The M455 Adjustable Base is an amazing addition to have in your house. The bed makes sleeping a breeze with the best most comfortable position at your fingertips. It features little adjustment functionality that allows you to even prop up your knees if you want. This is the first model of the Malouf adjustable base series that offers a Bluetooth feature to help you control the base with your smartphone. You can also plug into the bed frame using the feature to activate the voice control and use Siri to change the bed frame positions or activate its other functions.

Another excellent feature that the M455 model offers is automatic snore detection. With this, the bed automatically re-adjusts your position when it detects the snoring levels to ease your airways and give you a peaceful night. The bed frame comes with a one-touch spring back to flat position feature that allows resetting the bed into a flat surface at the touch of a button. This saves you time while trying to get to sleep or simply resetting the bed for the day. Further, the bed allows for two pre-set positions that are customizable as per your needs. It has a zero-gravity mode as well where the bed elevates your feet to be higher than your head. This is extremely helpful for pain relief and improved blood circulation is required. For optimal relaxation, the bed frame comes with an in-built massage feature that gives you great muscle kneading for the neck and shoulders. You can choose between three intensity levels in this as per your preference. The remote is a stylish model with a backlit function so you do not have to scramble your way through the night.

Product Specifications

• 60-degree head incline and 45-degree foot incline
• 15 inches adjustable height with three leg panels of 3-inch, 3-inch, and 6-inches
• Weight capacity of 850 lbs.
• Available in 6 sizes including Twin XL and Split Cal
• Two pre-set positions of zero-gravity and flat surface.
• One customizable position option
• Bluetooth enabled for smartphone connection
• Supports Siri voice control
• Extra customization options available through the Malouf app
• USB ports of dual 5V 1.5A on the side panels of the bed base for convenient charging and device plug-ins
• In-built neck and shoulder massager with three different intensity settings
• Linen inspired fabric upholstery for superior aesthetic appeal
• Comes with backlit wireless remote control
• 20-year manufacturer warranty
• Free shipping across the USA

Malouf M555 Adjustable Bed Frame



– Comes with five preset positions and a further 5 customizable position option
– Zero clearance means you can remove the legs to place them on the existing bed frame
– 4 different massage settings with three intensity levels

The Malouf M555 adjustable bed frame is a superior model in the adjustable base series of the company. This model has quite a few premium features that might justify the higher price point. For starters, the bed frame comes with a five-preset position option that you can choose from to get nice and comfy. These include zero-gravity, anti-snore, lounge, TV, and flat positions. The zero-gravity is a great setting if you suffer from swelling in your feet or have varicose veins since it keeps your feet elevated above your head. It also improves your blood circulation and keeps your blood pressure normal. Further, the anti-snore feature automatically adjusts the bed frame so that your head is elevated if you start snoring. This allows the air to pass freely through the lungs giving you relief. If these preset positions are not to your liking, then you can add on to the preset position with the 5 extra customizable options.

Apart from this, the frame has an in-built massager that carries 4 different massage settings. Along with the standard neck and shoulder massage you also get the head and foot massage in this model. There are three different intensity settings that you can opt for in your massage for better comfort. The head panel of the frame has an inclination limit of 60-degrees and the foot panel has an incline of 45-degrees. The Bluetooth option allows for smart connectivity and easier controls. The frame has lights under the bed frame that are a convenient touch for all the midnight bathroom trips. 

Product Specifications

  • 60-degree head incline and 45-degree foot incline

  • 15 inches adjustable height with three leg panels of 3-inch, 3-inch, and 6-inches

  • Weight capacity of 850 lbs.

  • Available in 7 sizes including Twin XL and Split Cal

  • 5 Pre-set position settings include Anti snore, Zero-gravity, Lounge, TV, and Flat

  • 5 additional customizable position settings

  • Stylishly upholstered with linen

  • Foldable for easy storage

  • Siri enabled voice control

  • Bluetooth functionality

  • Comes with slat stabilizer brackets

  • 2 USB ports for charging

  • 12 massage options with head and foot massage

  • Three massage intensities with three-time settings

  • Child lock for safety

  • Frees shipping across USA

  • Comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty

Malouf S755 Adjustable Bed Frame



– Provides head tilt and lumbar support
– Reach Assist technology helps you recline the bed automatically to reach the nightstand without having to manually change the settings
– Motion-activated backlit remote control for easy control

The Malouf S755 is the most expensive model that is offered by the company. The premium features that the S755 offers to cover the extra dollars easily and it is competitively priced in the market. However, the range might be too stressful for a lot of people. The S755 comes with nice linen-inspired upholstery in stone color which makes it very aesthetically pleasing. The neutral tone also allows for an easy blend with the existing theme. Further, the model incorporates all the other features like 5 pre-set position levels, Bluetooth, Siri support, and USB ports. Just like the other models you also get 5 customizable position options in the S755 model.

Apart from this, the S755 frame offers massage options with 4 different massage types, 3 intensity settings, and 3 timer options. The massage includes your head, neck, shoulder, and foot areas for a full relaxation experience. The child lock safety feature ensures that the frame is child safe so you can easily let the children in and around the bed. The head tilt allows for better airflow through your air passage and prevents snoring. It is especially helpful for people prone to choking or having breathing issues. Another fantastic feature that the S755 offers is the added lumbar support.

Product Specifications

  • 60-degree head incline and 45-degree foot incline

  • 15 inches adjustable height with three leg panels of 3-inch, 3-inch, and 6-inches

  • Weight capacity of 850 lbs.

  • Available in 3 sizes including Twin XL and Split Cal

  • 5 Pre-set position settings include Anti snore, Zero-gravity, Lounge, TV, and Flat

  • 5 additional customizable position settings

  • Stylishly upholstered with linen in stone color

  • Foldable for easy storage

  • Siri enabled voice control

  • Bluetooth functionality

  • Motion-activated backlit remote control

  • Reach assist technology for easy nightstand access

  • 12 dual massage levels with 4 massage types, 3 intensities, and three timer options

  • One 5V 1A USB charging port

  • One 5V 2A USB charging port

  • Child lock safety function

  • Underbed night lights

  • Free shipping across the USA

  • 20-year manufacturer warranty 

Bottom Line

Malouf is an excellent brand for adjustable beds. Their range of frames is engineered to give you the most comfortable positions to ensure quality sleep. The S755 even comes with a head tilt and lumbar support. Each of their models supports the Siri feature for easy voice control and has a child lock feature to keep the young ones safe. An adjustable bed frame not only helps you find the best position but also helps you in settling in for the night with the massage function. You can easily just lay back and relax, letting the bed take care of your muscular tensions while you lounge or watch your favorite series.