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Purple Original Mattress


Brand Overview

The Purple Mattress is an online mattress brand that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is a young entrant in the mattress space and is already highly sought-after. The company was started by two brothers with the vision to provide a unique affordable mattress that cater to the average sleeper. The brand has re-thought the original mattress concept to come up with an alternative construction and design that makes the mattress extremely durable with cooling comfort.


  • The pliable gel-like material used in the construction offers superior pressure relief

  • The highly competitive price point

  • Optimal cooling technology with good air circulation makes it ideal for hot sleepers

Construction & Design

The layers that make up this 9.5 inch tall mattress are discussed in detail below:

  • Outer Cover– The SoftFlex cover is velvety soft, thin and breathable, and purple. It is specially formulated to be stretchy and pliable to move with the gel-like consistency of the mattress grid layer.
  • Comfort Layer or The Purple Grid Layer– This layer is what sets the Purple mattress apart from other foam mattresses. The “Purple Grid” is a 2 inch thick memory foam alternative. It has a gel-like consistency and is made with hyper-elastic polymers that gives a water bed feel and promotes excellent air circulation. This layer is extremely pliable, and returns to its original shape after being stretched.
    Right below the grid layer is a 3.5 inch soft responsive polyfoam layer. The foam layer adds support to the gel grid and prevents the gel grid from collapsing.
  • Support Layer– The support layer is 4 inches of polyfoam material. It provides good balance and structure to the entire mattress.

Edge Support

The Purple mattress has good edge support that limits sagging under body weight and pressure.


Firmness Level

2 - Soft 3.5 - Medium Plush 5 - Medium 6.5 - Luxury Firm 8 - Firm

This all-foam mattress sports a medium-firm level of about 6.5 out of 10. 

Pressure Relief

The Purple Grid mattress excels in this area as well. The grid layer in the mattress perfectly contours to your body and hugs all the right places. This prevents pressure from building in your joints and muscles. 

Mattress ConstructionFirmness / Support LevelCooling / Motion TransferTrial Period / Price

Motion Isolation

The Purple mattress is great at motion isolation despite its jiggly grid layer.

Company Policies


There is a separate warranty period for the cover and the mattress. The cover carries a 2-year warranty period only, with the customer paying for any shipping costs associated with the repair or replacement.

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period which begins from the original date of purchase. The warranty cannot be transferred and is applicable only for the original buyers. It covers all manufacturing defects and body impressions that are more than 1-inch deep. The customer pays for shipping cost.

Sleep Trial

Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial, with a 21 night trial required before you initiate a return. After this period, you can initiate a full return. The shipping costs for the return are borne by the company.

Packaging and Delivery

The mattress is compressed and rolled before being packed in a purple cylindric-shaped container. Due care is taken to protect the mattress against any transit damage including humidity and water. It is delivered to your doorstep within 7 to 10 days after your order.


The company ships to all US states and internationally to Canada. The mattresses are shipped through FedEx and have no additional shipping costs in the US. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada require an additional shipping charge.

Benefits of Buying a Purple Mattress

  • Proprietary Purple Grid for better pressure relief and comfort
  • Gives a water bed like jiggly feeling in a foam construction
  • Highly durable with greater resilience
  • Very flexible with plush comfort
  • Option of upgrading to Purple Premier for added comfort
  • Easy finance options
  • Available in all standard sizes



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