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Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress


This review of the Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress will concentrate on all the advantages and disadvantages of the mattress while giving you an in-depth analysis of the mattress’s construction, style, and design. This will help you understand if the Sparrow series from Nest Bedding is the ideal choice for yourself and your family or not.


Nest Bedding is a very popular direct-to-consumer mattress brand that concentrates on giving the most comfortable and affordable mattress options to its buyers. The Sparrow mattress is their Signature Hybrid mattress that is a perfect foam mattress and allows you to choose the firmness option you are comfortable with. The company has a unique attraction of customizable firmness choice that sets it apart from other mattress brands. If you are looking for a plush indulgent mattress that sinks into your body contours then this mattress is the perfect choice for you.

Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress Review

  • Customizable firmness options ranging from plush, medium to firm

  • Great motion isolation with independent coildesign

  • The highly responsive foam makes it an extremely comfortable laying surface

Mattress ConstructionFirmness / Support LevelCooling / Motion TransferTrial Period / Price

Construction & Design

The Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid Mattress boasts of great construction level. The mattress is made of a proprietary combination of coils and foams that together give it a great bounce and plush comfort. It sports a thickness of 12-inches in a 5-layer structure that is just ideal for good pressure relief and cocooning comfort.

1-Inch Gel Memory Foam and Quilted Thermic Phase Change Cover

The Sparrow Hybrid mattress has a premium feel and looks with the quilted cover it features. This has a thickness of 1-inch that makes it perfect for the luxurious feel you want in your mattress. This not only adds softness to the mattress but also makes the mattress look and feel premium. The gel memory foam in the cover allows the mattress to remain cool. The cool gel memory foam is supported with the Thermic phase-change technology. This technology is a patented temperature regulation technology that keeps the outer fabric cover from over-heating. In this technology, the cover absorbs the excess body heat and keeps it in reserve which it then releases when the body temperature goes down to maintain an equal temperature through the night.

3-Inch Blue Energex Temperature Responsive Foam

The next layer in the mattress construction is the 3-inch Energex foam. This is a trade-mark temperature responsive foam that is an improved alternative to the traditional Visco memory foam. This is a highly responsive and adaptable foam that gives you great joint support and comfort. It also acclimatizes itself continuously to the body temperature of the sleeper thereby retaining the coolness of the mattress. The Energex foam has a superior polymer structure that makes it a great alternative to latex and spring construction for pressure relief.

1-Inch SmartFlow Support Foam

The support foam layer is the third layer in the Sparrow mattress construction. This layer is 1 inch in thickness and acts as a transitional layer between the comfort and pressure relief layer above it and the coil structure under it. It is a high-density foam that gives good structural balance to the entire mattress.

6-Inch Reinforced Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils

Next comes the reinforced edge pocketed coil layer. This is an in-house Nest Bedding manufactured coils system that is made in the company-owned USA factory in Phoenix AZ. This features individually wrapped coils that are great for both bounce and motion isolation both. These coils are superior to other coils and come with a 20-year warranty by the company.

1-Inch Base Support Foam

This layer is given as support to the entire mattress. It also acts as a much-needed buffer between the coils and your bed frame. The base support of the mattress weighs 3lbs. and helps the mattress to give good bounce while staying in one place.

Pressure Relief

This Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid Mattress offers great pressure relief for your joints making it a perfect mattress in this regard. The mattress is made of an Energex Temperature Responsive Foam. This is a trademark foam that has a high adaptability feature. This allows the mattress to conform perfectly to your body curves and cradles the joints optimally relieving the pressure that builds up during sleep. The Energex foam is a perfect material that offers high support to your body.

Motion Transfer

The Sparrow Hybrid mattress manages to give you good motion. This is because the coils are individually wrapped to absorb the motion in one part without affecting the other parts. Apart from this the foam used in the mattress construction also absorbs motion independently.

Air Flow and Breathability

The design and construction of the mattress allow the air to circulate freely through the mattress rather than getting trapped within its foam layer. The air can freely dissipate through the sides and bottom of the mattress keeping it cool through the night. The foam concentration on the quilted cover is also kept at a minimal level to offer you the best comfort while ensuring that the body heat does not get trapped within this foam. This helps in releasing any built-up heat in the mattress. Couple this with nice cooling sheets and you will have no problem with a mattress temperature while sleeping. Along with this the isolated coil structure also allows the air to move around without obstruction in the mattress.


Firmness Level and Customization

2 - Soft 3.5 - Medium Plush 5 - Medium 6.5 - Luxury Firm 8 - Firm

The Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid Mattress comes with a unique inner foam layer. This layer defines the firmness quotient of the mattress. It is also suspended from the rest of the mattress which allows you to either swap it for a change in the firmness level or flip it over for a better feel. The mattress feels comfortable in all the three types of firmness levels it offers. These are:


This is the softest option of the mattress and ranks a 2 out of 10 on the firmness scale.


This is the middle option between soft and firm. It ranks a 4.5 out of 10 and is best suited for combination sleepers.


This ranks a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale making it comfortable without being too hard.

To change the firmness level, you can reach out to the Nest Bedding and order a new inner foam layer with a different firmness level. You can choose between the plush, medium-firm, and firm options in this. Then you just have to unzip the covers and remove the existing foam layer and swap it for the new foam layer.

The company advises you to flip this inner foam layer once every 6 months to maximize the performance level of the mattress. This regular flipping allows the foam to be used on both sides equally allowing it to retain its bounce and softness level for the longest possible time.

Firmness Versatility

Apart from the firmness customization option Nest Sparrow Hybrid mattress also comes with the signature Nest Bedding firmness versatility option. Very often especially with couples you have different firmness preferences. So, where you might like a soft mattress while your partner wants a hard surface. With other mattresses, you will both have to come to a compromise and select one level of firmness making the other one uncomfortable and upset with the choice. With the Nest Sparrow mattress, you can both be happy with a mattress that incorporates two different firmness options in one bed. You can choose different firmness levels for the foam layer with one side being one firmness type and the other side is a different firmness type. This way you and your partner can take turns in sleeping on the firmness level you prefer while compromising a little on other days. No more cause for arguments. The only drawback is that this versatility is only available for King and Cal King-sized mattresses.

Ease of Movement

The Sparrow Hybrid mattress is a very easy mattress to get in and out of. Even the plush firmness level mattress offers an easy movement feature. This is in part because of the highly adaptive Energex foam layer that the mattress has which does not sink into the body and maintains the core structure of the mattress making it easy for you to move about on the mattress. Also, the coils in the mattress give it a good bounce texture that further aids in the mattress’s movement freedom.

Sleeping Style

The different firmness options make the Sparrow Hybrid Mattress an ideal mattress for all three sleeping styles. The medium and plush firm options are great for side sleepers. This firmness level gives you great pressure relief for your shoulders and hip joint taking the edge away from the joints. For the back and stomach sleepers, the firm option suits best as it provides the best body alignment of the spine, lower back, and shoulders.

Ratings Based on Sleeping Preference
Sleeping Cool
Back Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper

Environment and Cost

With nest bedding, you can change the inner foam layer to give a new life to the mattress. By changing this inner layer, you can change the firmness level of the mattress to suit your current needs. This changes the whole feel and performance of the mattress making it seem as good as new. Apart from the care, you show to the environment this is also a much more budget-friendly option. You just have to shell out a fraction of the money to replace the foam layer than you would have to in replacing the entire mattress.

Trial and Warranty

Nest Bedding offers a great trial and warranty policy to its customers. Unlike other mattress companies that offer just a10 year warranty on their mattresses, the Nest Sparrow mattress comes with a highly attractive lifetime warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects of the mattress. It also stands for a replacement or repair against all-foam impressions that are more than 1-inch deep into the mattress. Apart from this the warranty also covers all incidental damage to the mattress arising because of construction and design faults.

Aside from the highly lucrative warranty deal the company also offers an attractive 365-night sleep trial feature. The company gives you a free trial policy where you can exchange, replace, or return the mattress anytime during the 365-night trial period if you do not like the mattress for any reason. You can also test the firmness level of the mattress and exchange the foam layer if this does not suit you.

Shipping and Delivery

Nest Bedding ships your mattress within 2 to 4 days after the order is successfully placed through the website. The mattress is compressed, rolled, and folded for packaging. It comes in a cardboard box. The Queen, King, and California King-sized mattresses are double boxed to ensure there is no elemental damage. It is delivered to your doorstep in this box.

Once delivered you can unbox the mattress after placing it in your preferred spot. The mattress slowly decompresses and reaches its original shape in 12 to 24 hours.

Advantages of Buying Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid Mattress

  • Comes with a 365-night free trial
  • The company offers an attractive lifetime warranty
  • Firmness levels can be customized to suit individual preference
  • Option of dual-sided firmness levels in King and Cal-King sized mattresses
  • Cutting edge Energex Foam material used for high responsivenessp
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Easy to change the feel of the mattress with replaceable inner foam layer
  • Isolated coils give good motion isolation


Who Should Buy?

  • Suits all sleeping styles
  • Those who tend to sleep hot with night sweats
  • Individuals with back and joint pain
  • Couples looking for dual firmness options
  • Sleepers with acute pressure points


The best promotion for any product is the awards it has to its credit. The Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid Mattress has plenty of awards that come in recognition of its excellent design, craftsmanship, and dedication to suitability. Not only has the mattress been recognized for its optimal support and joint relief feature but also ranks very high on carbon footprint control making it a great eco-friendly option. A complete list is enumerated below:

  • Best Hybrid Mattress by Nap Labs 2022
  • Most Comfortable Mattress by Lumberyard 2021
  • Best Hybrid Mattress by Sleep Standards 2021
  • Best Mattress for Back Pain by Tuck 2021
  • Best Mattress for Back Pain by Bestmattresses.com 2021
  • Best Hybrid Mattress by Online Mattress Review
  • Top-Rated Hybrid Mattress by Mattress Advisor 2021
  • Best Mattress Made in the USA by Nonbiasedreview.com 2021

Bottom Line

The Nest Bedding Sparrow mattress is a great option for anyone who wants versatility and customization option sin their mattress. This also makes it an ideal choice for couples with different firmness preferences. The mattress not only gives you great comfort but ranks high on the joint pain and pressure relief features. The mattress hugs your body curves and cradles your joints to give you the best snooze possible.


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