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Casper Mattress Vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison

Features Casper Mattress Nectar Mattress
Comfort Level Medium Medium Firm
Price (Queen) $850 $795
Trial Period 100 Days 365 Days
Warranty 10 Years Lifetime
Sleeping Cool 4.25/5 4.5/5
Motion Transfer 4.5/5 4.5/5
Height 9.5” Mattress 11” Mattress
Construction 1.5 in. responsive foam;
1.5 in. memory foam;
1.5 in. poly foam;
5 in. support foam
1 in. gel memory foam;
3 in. memory foam;
1.75 in. memory foam;
5.25 in. support foam
Back Sleeper
Side Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Discount Save $50 on any Casper mattress
with code SSW50
Save $125 on any Nectar mattress
with code SSW125

Sleep does not elude someone only when they have their eyes set on a goal, or are overly ambitious. Sleep also eludes people who cannot find the right mattress. Many
times it is a tug-of-war in the mind, when it comes to choosing a mattress.

The mattress that feels good, and has good features may be expensive. The one that fits your budget may not necessarily be the one you want. This, and all the uncertainties, that come with a new mattress make the entire mattress buying experience a bit tiring.

Here’s our comparison on the Casper, and the Nectar, two popular mattress brands, to help you

What are Casper and Nectar?

Casper and Nectar are both Memory Foam mattresses. While Casper has been around as a brand for long, Nectar came into the mattress industry only recently. Casper was the “Queen of Mattresses,” till several others entered the industry, and gave it a tough run for its money. Nectar was named as one of the best mattresses in 2017

Casper Mattress Construction

Nectar Mattress Construction

Both the brands have some similarities between them and quite a few differences. This comparison between the Casper and Nectar mattress may help people make
decisions on buying a mattress

Similarities between the Casper and Nectar

Both the Casper and Nectar mattresses are sold online. Both mattresses use memory foam in their construction. Both mattresses have been made with your sleep and rest in mind. This means that they do not use any harmful substances in the manufacture of their mattresses.

The Casper mattress is manufactured in the US, but the Nectar mattress is manufactured in China. However, both brands are Certi-Pur certified. This means that they do not use any harmful substances in the production of their mattresses

Sizes / Dimensions

The difference between both mattresses starts from the size. While the Casper mattresses have 9.5″ foam, the Nectar mattresses have 11″ foam.

Casper Mattress Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 39"x75"x10" 44 lbs
Twin XL 39"x80"x10" 46 lbs
Full 54"x75"x10" 60 lbs
Queen 60"x80"x10" 71 lbs
King 76"x80"x10" 91 lbs
Cal King 72"x84"x10" 90 lbs
Nectar Mattress Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 39"x75"x11" 44 lbs
Twin XL 39"x80"x11" 46 lbs
Full 54"x75"x11" 60 lbs
Queen 60"x80"x11" 71 lbs
King 76"x80"x11" 91 lbs
Cal King 72"x84"x11" 90 lbs

Firmness Scale

The Casper and Nectar mattresses are slightly different in their construction, apart from their foam density. On an average, their firmness levels may be similar, if not the same

The Nectar mattress uses multiple layers of memory foam and hence has that true memory foam feel, and the slow-motion associated with it. The Casper mattress uses latex-like foam over a layer of memory foam, and has more bounce and is more responsive than the Nectar. This makes it easier to turn around and change positions in a Casper Both mattresses are good in providing support and keeping motion-transfer to a minimum. So, you won’t turn and toss, when your partner moves in bed

Both mattresses are good in providing support and keeping motion-transfer to a minimum. So, you won’t turn and toss, when your partner moves in bed


The Casper may be a good choice for people who want to sleep cool, have less motion transfer, and have more bounce, resilience, and firm support from their mattress.
Though it is competitively priced, it is manufactured in the US and has years of satisfied customers to testify for its quality. The 100 day trial period and the periodic promotional offers may be of interest to some customers.

The Nectar mattress may be for people who like the true memory foam feel. Though it provides most of the features the Casper does, the brand has not been in the market for too long.
However, the 365-day trial, the lower price, good promotional offers, and the “Forever Warranty” are things to try out for sure.