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Bear Mattress Review – 2022


Mattresses play a very important role in the sleep quality you clock in at night. You might have great sleep instincts with low-stress levels and a highly active lifestyle that should ideally get you a great snooze effect but if your mattress is not up to par then you will be spending your nights tossing and turning rather than getting your 8 hours of dream sleep. A good mattress makes all the difference when it comes to sleep. You need a sleeping surface that not only contours and comforts your body but also gives good pressure relief to your aching joints along with high motion isolation to help you sleep through the night without any disturbances.

With all the different mattresses on the market, it can be very confusing to settle down for a particular mattress. Here this review will help you decide if the highly popular Bear mattress is the right fit for you. You can go through its various properties and features to get a proper understanding of what this mattress brings to your sleep time. So, read on to find out how well the Bear mattress works for you.


The bear mattress was founded in 2014 and is an all-American brand that caters especially to the overactive and athletic population. The core focus of the brand is to help people get the best possible rest. Its mattresses have been constructed after careful analysis and feedback from a host of average and sponsored athletes, fitness buffs, and medical professionals to get the best mattress with high support and comfort levels. The company markets its mattresses as post-workout mattresses making fitness enthusiasts their priority. This has helped the Bear mattress company to carve out a niche in the health-conscious segment of the population.

The Bear original mattress is a traditional “all-foam” mattress that gives great lower back support to the body. However, unlike the other, all-foam mattress that tends to run hot, the Bear mattress is constructed with a proprietary cooling technology that helps keep it cool with good air circulation. Apart from the mattresses Bear also offers other sleep accessories and tools like mattress covers, mattress protectors, bed baes, pillows, comforters, etc. making it a one-stop-shop for all your sleep requirements.

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  • Proprietary cooling technology make the mattress ideal for hot sleepers

  • Perfect for back and side sleepers

  • Low motion transfer helping the restless sleepers or sleepers with restless partners get a good night’s rest

Bear Original Mattress Construction

The construction of the mattress defines the level of mattress performance. A well-constructed mattress will be able to offer superior support and cocooning feature as compared to a poorly constructed mattress. Hence, you must pay extra attention to the construction of the mattress.

The Bear original mattress is an all-foam mattress which means that the mattress is made of different foam layers as opposed to the hybrid mattresses that have both foam and spring coils in their construction. It is a traditional mattress construction that incorporates modern cooling technology to overcome the biggest all-foam mattress flaws of running hot. It sports a 10-inch loftiness and has three layers of foam. One layer is the memory foam and the other two layers are the poly-foam. The combination of polyfoam and memory foam gives the mattress a good balance between support, pressure relief, and comfort. The cover of the mattress is made of Celliant material that makes for a quick recovery. The layers are discussed below:

  • Cover– The mattress is topped with a Celliant cover. The Celliant material has auto-recovery properties and helps the body to recover and rejuvenate by promoting good blood circulation. Apart from this the cover also helps keep the mattress cool by absorbing the body heat. It is a soft cover with a nice quilted design that adds to the aesthetic value of the mattress.
  • Confort Layer– Under the cover comes the comfort layer. This includes a 2-inch layer of memory foam that is infused with cooling graphite gel. The gel-infused foam layer is slow to respond which allows the sleeper to get the full benefit of the "sinking-in" feeling. This slow-moving foam layer is especially helpful to relieve the tension from the body and provides immediate pressure relief.
  • Transition Layer– Next comes the transition layer. This layer creates a buffer between the comfort layer and the support structure of the mattress. It allows the sleeper to sink into the mattress only till the comfort layer and thereby ensuring that the sleeper does not fall right into the mattress. This layer is made of a highly responsive foam that prevents the sleeper from going further into the mattress than intended.
  • Support Layer– Lastly, you have the support layer of the mattress. This has a 6-inch loftiness and makes for the bulk of the mattress structure. The support layer is made of high-density foam that gives the mattress stability and durability. It keeps the structure of the mattress together and helps in absorbing the movements so that the mattress remains stationary.



The Bear original mattress does not rank very high in the comfort section. It has a high-quality memory foam construction that is supported by high-density layers of poly foam that make for a great supportive mattress but do not allow the sleeper to sink in too much into the mattress. The firmness of the mattress does not support a soft cushiony feel making the mattress somewhat hard as a sleeping surface. However, the mattress gives you immense pressure relief and optimal support which makes up for the lack of comfort region.

Pressure Relief

This mattress has great pressure relief ability. Right from the cover to the comfort layer and the support layer, the Bear original mattress has been designed to alleviate pain and discomfort from the joints and other body regions. It quickly absorbs tension from the shoulder, hips, and lower back to give you immense support. The mattress is excellent at relieving any back aches and pains by giving you optimal back support and cushioning the natural curve of the spine. Further, the hips and shoulders are also nicely cocooned by the slow-moving comfort layers that help in relieving any tension in those regions.

Motion Relief

The best thing about an all-foam mattress is that it provides a great motion isolation feature. Hybrid mattresses and coil mattresses are very restless mattresses since they cannot properly isolate the movement in one segment. However, the Bear original mattress with its high-density foam construction not only isolates the movement in one area of the mattress but also tends to absorb the motion within its structure. This allows the mattress to remain sturdy and stationary even with movements giving you a nice quiet sleeping surface. The high motion isolation quotient makes it mattress a good choice for restless sleepers and couples.

Adaptiveness and Response

The high-quality memory foam used in the mattress construction makes the Bear original mattress a highly adaptive and responsive mattress. The mattress tends to sink in immediately and adapts itself to cocoon and cushion the body curves of the sleeper. You will find that the grid technology of the mattress enables the mattress to “remember” the shape of your body curves allowing it to quickly adapt to your body structure. The mattress is also highly resilient and sturdy making it easy for you to change positions and move in and out of the mattress.

Firmness Level

The industry standard for firmness starts with a 6.5 rating. With a 7 ranking in the firmness level, the Bear original mattress falls neatly into the firm category. Within the firm category, the mattress is more towards the soft firmness rather than the medium or high firmness. This makes the mattress a good even surface without making it too hard on the body. You will therefore be positioned on the top of the mattress rather than sinking into the layers. However, it is not recommended for those that prefer a high comfortable mattress.

Sleeping Style

The Bear original mattress is an all-foam mattress made of high-quality memory foam. It runs on the firm side of the spectrum making it great for back support. This means that the mattress while working well for a certain type of sleepers might not suit some individuals, especially those looking for a nice sink-in cushiony comfort.

• Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a mattress that is on the firm side. This is because soft mattresses do not offer good support to the stomach making the body curve inwards while sleeping on the stomach. A firm mattress provides adequate support to the front of the body and prevents the body from sinking in the middle thereby giving you good support and maintaining the natural curve of the body. The firm-sidedness of the Bear’s original all-foam mattress makes it a good option for the stomach sleepers that fall in the lightweight category. A heavy-weight stomach sleeper will find that the Bear original mattress is slightly softer and tends to sink in a little making it less than perfect for optimal support.

• Back Sleepers

For the back sleepers, the Bear original mattress is an ideal choice. Back sleeping puts pressure on the lower back and upper shoulder blade region of the body. You need a good firm sleeping surface that will not sink in with the body weight and keep your spine in the natural c-curve position. It also needs to cushion the area in the natural curve to elevate any pressure build-up. The Bear original mattress is constructed keeping all these factors in mind which makes it ideal for back-sleeping individuals.

• Side Sleepers

Side sleepers work best with a soft mattress. The sleeping position puts immense pressure on the hips and shoulder joints. The mattress should be able to cocoon these areas and relieve pressure on these joints. For this, you need a soft cushiony mattress surface that sinks in with your body and softly cocoons your hard-pressed joints. The Bear original mattress is too firm to offer this cloudy cocooning making it a wrong choice for the side sleepers.

Body Weight

The body weight of the sleeper also makes a big difference in the final mattress performance very similar to how the different sleeping styles tend to affect the mattress performance. The different body weight segments are discussed below:

• Under 130 lbs.

The lightweight population will find that the Bear original mattress tends to run a little too firm for them. This is because those under 130 lbs. will not have enough weight to properly cushion into the mattress surface making it a hard surface that does not contour to the body curves. For the under 130 lbs. this mattress will not be able to adequately satisfy the comfort needs of the sleeper.

• Between 130 lbs. and 250 lbs.

The middleweight range works the best with the Bear original mattress. People within this range will find that the mattress contours properly to their body curves and gives proportionate support to the various joints in the body. This range will find that the mattress is neither too hard nor too soft making it an ideal sleeping surface.

• Over 250 lbs.

For the heavy-weight population, a mattress on the high end of the firmness level works best. The Bear original mattress with its medium firmness range might not be able to provide adequate support since the sleeper weight will tend to compress the mattress more than it should. This will cause the body to bend and curve more than required leading to discomfort. However, this mattress will work out very well for heavy-weight people that prefer a soft comfortable sleeping surface without compromising too much on support.

2 - Soft 3.5 - Medium Plush 5 - Medium 6.5 - Luxury Firm 8 - Firm

Financing Options

The cost of a mattress can be quite a strain on the wallet. It is great to have finance options that will reduce the strain on your monthly budget and help you get the best mattress you can without having to bust your bank balance. Bear mattress comes with good Affirm finance options at zero APR for 3- months, 6- months, and 12-month payment brackets. You can easily avail yourself of this option while checking out the company website. There is instant qualification so you do not have to worry about prequalification.

Another option that the company offers is the Splitit option. In this, you can choose your monthly payments and split the charge to lower amounts as per your convenience.

Certifications and Awards

• Best memory foam mattress 360-degree reviews 2021
• CertiPUR – US-certified foams
• Green Guard Gold Certified

Benefits of Buying Bear Mattress

• A breathable Celliant cover makes for uniform heat disbursement across the mattress surface
• Cooling memory foam absorbs the body heat to keep the mattress cool
• High-density support foam makes the mattress highly durable
• Balanced body support with good pressure relief
• Good motion isolation makes for a quiet mattress
• A high firmness level gives you great lower back support while keeping your body posture intact
• Contours to the body shape and cocoons the hips and shoulder joints in various sleeping positions
• Made with environmentally friendly materials with low chemical content

Who Should Buy Bear Mattress?

• Fitness enthusiasts and athletes with a high supportive need
• Back sleepers that want extra lower back support
• People looking for optimal joint pressure relief
• Individuals that prefer a firm sleeping surface
• If you are looking for a memory foam contouring effect without the sinking-in feeling
• Hot sleepers will greatly benefit from the cooling technology that promotes optimal air circulation within the mattress keeping the surface temperature cool

Company Policies

• Warranty

The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty against all manufacturer defects. This also covers impressions in the mattress over 1-inch in depth. This warranty only applies to the original owners that have purchased the mattress through authorized channels.

• Trial Period

Like most other mattress brands, the Bear mattress company also offers a trial period of 120 nights. It has an initial break-in period of 30 nights. Post this you can raise a return request through the customer service anytime within the trial period.

• Shipping and Delivery

Bear mattresses are available for shipping in all contiguous 48 US states. It is also available for shipping to Canada. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico attract an additional shipping charge. The shipping is done through FedEx ground shipping free of cost for all other places.
The mattress is delivered on the doorstep only as per the FedEx rules. It comes in a decompressed state and is packed in a cardboard box wrapped in plastic to keep it safe from transit damage.

• White-Glove Service

The company offers a premium white-glove service. It costs $100 for mattress installation. A further $50 is charged for the removal of the old mattress.

Wrapping Up

Bear original mattress is a great fit for all fitness-inclined individuals. Apart from that, it is also a good mattress for the average sleeper looking for a nice firm mattress. However, if you are more of a cushiony comfort over support type of person then you might want to look at the hybrid version offered by the Bear brand rather than their all-foam mattress. Apart from the comfort factor, the Bear original mattress does well on all the other fronts including the motion transfer, pressure relief, and cooling front. It is a highly recommended mattress to rest and recuperate post a heavy workout session or a strenuous athletic performance and comes greatly endorsed by the professional community.


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