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Elm Sleep Mattress Review


Looking for a luxurious sleep? Look no further than the Elm Sleep mattress. This mattress is made of high-quality materials and construction, ensuring that you will get a good night’s sleep every time. The plush top layer provides comfort and support, while the base layer ensures that you won’t feel any springs or coils. If you’re looking for a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience, then the Elm Sleep mattress is a luxurious option for anyone looking for a good night’s sleep.

Brand Overview

Elm Sleep is a mattress company that handcrafts all of its mattresses in the USA. They use Certi-PUR foams in their mattresses which are safe and healthy for both their employees and customers. Elm Sleep also plants 5 trees for every mattress sold to give back to the environment. Elm strives to offer high-quality mattresses with the best materials while keeping prices affordable. When you compare Elm mattresses to other brands, you will see that the construction, quality, feel and durability are top-notch. So if you are looking for an affordable, high-quality, and safe mattress, Elm Sleep is the perfect brand for you!

Elm Sleep Mattress Review

  • Two firmness options: luxury plush, and luxury firm

  • Great motion isolation with Certi-PUR memory foam and independent coil design

  • Memory foam layer makes it a comfortable and restful mattres

Comfort Levels

The Elm Sleep mattress is a medium firm mattress that is built for all sleeping positions, but especially side sleepers. It has a comfort level of 4-5, which means that it is firm enough to provide support, but also soft enough to be comfortable. The Elm Sleep mattress is very comfortable and supportive, and it helps you sleep through the night without waking up feeling stiff or sore. The Elm Sleep Mattress is highly recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience.

Mattress ConstructionFirmness / Support LevelCooling / Motion TransferTrial Period / Price

Construction & Design

The Elm Sleep Mattress is made with 1″ of soft quilting foam designed to sleep cool and paired with Elm’s luxurious 360 stretch knit cover that is cool to the touch and durable. The comfort layer is 2″ of HD Visco which provides the best pressure relief for aching bodies. The additional layers are 1″ of HD poly foam which provides unparalleled support to aid with back pain and lumbar support. The coils are 8″ pocketed hybrid coils that provide extra deep support and reinforced edges which provide a sturdy edge to eliminate the roll-off of the bed feeling. The base layer is 1″ of HD poly base foam to provide a sturdy base.

  • Elm's Luxurious 360 Stretch Knit Cover that is cool to the touch and durable– The Elm Sleep mattress has soft quilting foam designed to sleep cool paired, cover is a luxurious mattress cover that is cool to the touch. This cover is directly followed HD Visco - 2" of comfort foam designed to provide the best pressure relief for aching bodies (1" on firm)
  • 1" of HD poly foam layer– provides unparalleled support to aid with back pain and lumbar support (2" on firm)
  • Reinforced edges provide a sturdy edge– 8" pocketed hybrid coils provide extra deep support. Reinforced edges provide a sturdy edge to eliminate the roll off the bed feeling.
  • Support Base Foam– 1" of HD poly base foam to provide a sturdy base ensuring this mattress can be used on most beds, platforms or adjustable bases.
  • Clean attractive fabric– Durable side panel fabric in a dark color to help your mattress stay and look clean even when moving.

Pressure Relief

The mattress comes in 2-firmness options. Both of these options offer pressure relief for your joints. For light and medium weight people the plush mattress is a great relief from joint pressure. This is partly because of the 2-inch comfort layer that allow the mattress to sink into your body curve and cradle your joints without dispelling any pressure formation.

Motion Isolation

The Elm Sleep mattress has great motion isolation. The mattress has a has great motion stability due to it’s use of memory foam, that allows it to absorb motion easily. Additionally, the coils are independently enclosed which enables one coil to be compressed without disturbing other coils.

Firmness Level

The Elm Mattress is available in two comfort levels:

  • Plush: The luxury plush firmness level and ranks 5 out of 10

  • Firm: The luxury firm level is ideal for you. It ranks a 7.5 out of 10

Temperature Regulation

The Elm Sleep hybrid mattress is designed to sleep cooler due to its cooling cover and 8″ of coils.


Motion Isolation

Elm Mattress has excellent motion isolation due to its use of memory foam and individually wrapped 8″ steel coils. These technologies nearly negate any motion transfer. Partners sharing a bed won’t feel each other when getting in and out of bed.

Edge Support

Elm Sleep mattresses have good edge support due to the use of sturdy coils on each side. This support helps you from feeling like you might slip out of bed if you are an edge sleeper. Plus, it is a helpful element when you sit at the edge of your mattresses.

Type of Sleepers

The Elm Sleep mattress is a good fit for all types of sleepers, especially with their two firmness options. The mattress compatibility with the sleeping style is discussed below:

  • Back sleeper: The foam and coil combination work to give great comfort to back sleepers. You will enjoy the firmness and the sturdy character of this mattress while lying on your back. Also, the mattress offers perfect spinal alignment for the back sleeper making it ideal for this sleeping style
  • Stomach sleeper: The Elm Mattress Luxury Firm Mattresses is idea for for stomach sleepers should have a firmness ranking of 6 to 8 out of 10. When you sleep on your tummy the whole-body weight is concentrated on your hips making it the central core point of this body position. The Elm Sleep Luxury Firm mattress might be suitable for most stomach sleepers
  • Side sleeper: This type of sleeper will enjoy the pressure relief offered by the Elm Sleep luxury plush mattress. The plush segment of this hybrid mattress is ideal for side sleepers since it gives you enough softness to sink into the mattress without feeling the pressure built upon your joints
Ratings Based on Sleeping Preference
Sleeping Cool
Back Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper

Sleep Firmness Options

The Elm Sleep luxury plush mattress is the perfect option for side sleepers looking for an ultra-plush feel. With a memory foam top layer and a supportive base, it’s perfect for people of all sizes and sleeping positions. The Elm Plush is also great for people who suffer from back pain or other body aches, as it provides pressure relief and support while you sleep.

If you’re looking for a little extra support from your mattress, the Elm Sleep Luxury Firm model is a great option. It’s still soft enough for side sleepers, but it’s specifically designed to provide more support for stomach and back sleepers. Heavier sleepers over 280lbs may find that this model provides the perfect amount of support.


Mattresses made with Certi-Pur foams have low off-gassing. The Elm Sleep mattress goes one step ahead with even less off-gassing since the mattress has a pocketed coil layer. This allows for greater air circulation and allows the odor to dissipate more quickly than other mattresses.

Benefits of Buying the Elm Sleep Hybrid Mattress

✓ No fiberglass

✓ Water-based glues with no toxins

✓ Made without ozone depleters

✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants

✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

✓ Made without formaldehyde

✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

✓ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)


Reasons to Buy

✓ 6-layer construction gives it good durability

✓ 13 inches of plush thickness for a luxurious comfort level

✓ Choice of firmness level between plush & firm

✓ Good motion isolation makes it ideal for restless sleepers

✓ Great Edge support with reinforced edge coils for minimal sagging

✓ 180 nights of sleep trial

Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer

✓ CertiPUR-US certification for toxic material and VOCs emissions

✓ Attractive financing options

✓ Made in the USA


Who Should Buy?

Sleepers who prefer a mattress using natural components

Sleepers who need low motion transferSleepers who want a company who is giving back to the environment

Sleepers looking for a pressure relieving mattress

FAQ Corner

    Is the Elm Mattress good for pressure relief?

    2″ of HD Visco – 2 full inches of comfort foam designed to provide the best pressure relief for aching bodies. 1″ on firm)

    1″ of HD poly foam provides unparalleled support to aid with back pain and lumbar support. (2″ on firm)

    What is the meaning of a “hybrid” mattress?

    A hybrid mattress is a mattress that utilizes a combination of foam and coils in its construction. The mattress is made with different materials to offer you the best of comfort and support.

    Is the Elm Hybrid Mattress good for co-sleeping?

    Reinforced edges provide a sturdy edge to eliminate the roll off the bed feeling. Independent coils reduce motion transfer for couples.

    Sleep Trial

    Elm Sleep offers a 180-night trial on their mattresses. Elm Sleep recommends sleeping on the mattress for minimum 30 nights before making a decision.


    The Elm Sleep warranty has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and for impressions that are deeper than 1-inch.


    Orders are usually processed within 48 hours from being placed and delivery rarely takes more than 3-5 days. Occasional delays were registered during the pandemic when Fedex and UPS were understaffed and unable to pick up and deliver orders on time.

    Packaging and Delivery

    Elm Sleep is a “bed-in-a-box”. It is delivered compressed, wrapped in plastic, and rolled in a personalized cardboard box.
    The unboxing process is fairly easy, bring mattress box into bedroom, unpack from box and layout on bed, carefully remove the plastic. You can sleep on the mattress within hours.

    Final Take

    Elm Sleep is one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. It’s great for couples because it offers a perfect combination of comfort and pressure relief. Elm Sleep is also very durable and offers a hassle-free lifetime warranty. This mattress is perfect for people who want a high-quality, comfortable mattress. Elm Sleep is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a great night’s sleep.


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