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Nest Easy Breather Pillow Review

Nest Easy Breather Pillow Review

The accessories you use in your sleep quest determine the nature of the sleep quality you ultimately clock in. Amongst these, the pillows play a vital role. A good pillow will cradle your head while supporting the base of your neck. It strikes a good balance between cushy comfort and neck support. If your pillow is lumpy and hard you will wake up with a stiff neck that can lead to chronic cervical problems in the later stage. Conversely, a very soft feather pillow will not be able to give your head the loftiness it needs to keep the head and neck properly aligned which in turn will once more lead to cricks and pains in the upper body region.

With the wide variety of pillows available in the market, it can be pretty confusing to zone in on one pillow. This review will focus on the vastly popular Nest Easy Breather pillows. It will take you through the ups and downs of these pillows and help you decide which one on offer is the most suitable for your personal needs.


Nest Bedding is very popular bedding and sleeps accessory brand that focuses on giving you the best possible sleep solutions. The company specializes in giving you products that are made with natural and organic materials. It has broken the conviction that sleep products made with natural materials need to compromise on comfort by putting up mattresses and pillows that redefine luxury without having the conventional chemical construction.

The Nest Breather pillows come in two different styles. You can opt for the memory foam material or go in for a more organic natural latex pillow. This review will focus on the Nest Easy Breather pillow which is made of memory foam material. Apart from the pillows Nest Bedding also has a range of organic mattresses, mattress protectors, comforters, and other bedding accessories for you to have a complete organic sleep solution.

Nest Easy Breather Pillow Review

The Nest Easy Breather pillow is one of the best memory foam pillows on the market. It has hype surrounding it because of the excellent performance value of the pillow. Nest Bedding allows you to fully customize the pillow as per your preference which means that you control the loftiness as well as the softness of the pillow. This makes the pillow ideal for all sorts of sleepers and individuals. These pillows are form-fitting and have a cool adjustable style that will make you fall in love with them.


The Nest Easy Breather pillows are made with shredded foam fill that complies with the CertiPUR – US standards. It comes with an eco-friendly cover that has a nice quilted design adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the pillow. It is in the standard white color but the good news is that the cover is removable and machine washable which makes it easy to manage and keep spot-free. Further, the pillow comes with a complimentary fill bag. This ensures that you can easily fill the pillow with more fill or reduce it by adjusting the height whenever you want.

• Cover

The cover of the pillow is a mix of 49% Blended Adaptive Cooling Fabric, 49% polyester, and 2% spandex. The Blended Adaptive Cooling Fabric is a proprietary fabric by the Nest Bedding brand and is made of “Tencel” which is in turn extracted from wood pulp. This makes the cover primarily organic.

• Lining

Under the outer cover is the lining which holds the shredded memory foam fill of the pillow. This lining is made from high-quality 100% breathable knit cotton. The cotton further aids in keeping the pillow cool while making it very durable as well.

• Fill

The fill of the pillow is a mix of shredded foam and polyester fabric. It is 70% foam and only 30% fabric. The foam complies with the CertiPUR-US standards of chemical emissions and is free from pollutants and harmful chemicals.

Firmness Level

The sleep position you take is the ultimate bracket for deciding the right firmness level for your pillow. Back sleepers do well with a medium-feel pillow while side sleepers need a soft firmness level to get comfortable. The Nest Easy Breather pillow falls into the medium firm category. The shredded memory foam fill allows the pillow to “sink in” a little from your head pressure but not too much. You can of course adjust the level of firmness by removing the fill but that would reduce the loft of the pillow as well.

You have a good squishiness and contouring feature in the pillow. Also, the pillow tends to bounce back into the original shape in no time when you are off it. This is because of the high-quality memory foam that is used in the construction of the pillow. Further, the pillow has a nice elevation that keeps your head and neck well supported with proper alignment.

Loft Factor

Another very important aspect to keep in mind while pillow shopping is the loft of the pillow. A very high pillow with low contour will lift your head too high leading to disbalance between your neck and head. Hence, you need to find a pillow with the right kind of loft that keeps your head and neck well aligned.

The best thing about the Nest Easy Breather pillow is that it is essentially an adjustable pillow. You can easily increase or reduce the loft of the pillow by controlling the pillow fill. To reduce the loft, you simply have to unzip the pillow and remove some of the fill inside by hand. Conversely, you can just add to the fill to increase the loft. The whole process is quick and very simple to manage.

Sleeping Style Interaction

Every person has a different comfort level especially when it comes to the pillows. In this, the sleeping style you adopt plays a major role. The different sleeping styles are discussed below:

• Side Sleepers

Side sleepers generally tend to prefer a pillow with a high loft. This is because you need a pillow to support your neck as well as your shoulders. The Nest Easy Breather pillow comes with a high loft that makes it ideal for side sleepers. Even the soft squishiness of the pillow makes it super comfortable to rest on sideways. It adequately supports your head and neck without digging into your shoulders.

• Back Sleepers

The back sleepers will love the Nest Easy Breather pillow for its support and firmness. The pillow gives you just the right amount of firmness and loft to keep your head, neck, and spine in proper shape. You might have to reduce the loft a little bit to get the right height but apart from that, the pillow works perfectly for back sleepers.

• Stomach Sleepers

You will find that the Nest Easy Breather pillow works well for stomach sleeping but only if you remove a significant amount of the fill from the pillow. With the reduced loft, the pillow will optimally support your head and keep it craned for a good night’s rest. However, the significant fill removal affects the price justification of the pillow so you might want to consider that aspect.

• Pillow Huggers

For the underarm huggers, this pillow is perfect. It provides you with the right amount of cushy softness to rub on your face and between your arms while asleep. However, the leg huggers might find that the pillow is too round to comfortably settle their legs on.

• Temperature Regulation

This is a great pillow for temperature regulation. The Nest Easy Breather pillow is a great cooling pillow. The pillow has a high-quality cover and inner lining made with natural materials that promote good air circulation. Apart from this, the fill of the pillow is also another factor that aids good air circulation. Both these aspects together make the pillow a great moisture-wicking pillow that helps keep your head nice and cool throughout the night.

Shipping and Delivery

The Nest Easy Breathable pillow is shipped within 3 to 8 business days after the order is successfully placed through the website. Additionally, shipping costs apply to shipping in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

Who Should Buy the Nest Easy Breather Pillow?

• The Nest Easy Breather pillow is an appropriate pillow for all types of sleepers especially the back sleepers
• People looking for cushiony support to the cervical region without compromising on the comfort and softness
• Hot sleepers wanting a cool temperature-regulating pillow
• Individuals wanting a fully customizable pillow with height and loft as per their preference
• If you like to hug your pillow sideways while sleeping you will find that the Nest Easy Breather pillow optimally supports the knee joints for a comfortable rest

Who Should Avoid the Nest Easy Breather Pillow?

• Stomach sleepers will be better off opting for a lower loft pillow since they will have to remove most of the stuffing from the Nest Easy Breather pillow to make it comfortable for them. This will not justify the cost of the pillow for them.
• The shredded foam pillow might not be suitable for individuals looking for a cushy luxury. They might find the pillow lumpy in places.
• For people wanting an all-natural alternative, it is better to go for the Easy Breather Natural pillow than this one.
• If you do not like a lofty pillow then you should opt for a lower height pillow than this rather than get the stuffing reduced to 70%


The Nest Easy Breathable pillow makes for an excellent choice for pretty much all types of sleepers. On top of it, you can even customize the pillow loft to suit your individual preference. This customization option makes the Nest Breathable pillow an ideal choice for all individuals. Further, the cooling properties of the Tencel cover, high-quality inner cotton lining, and the shredded foam fill keep the pillow nice and cool. All in all, you will be hard-pressed to find a better pillow in the market.


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